keeping it going

isn't always easy. 

I didn't leave the house today. but thats not a negative thing. i require at least one-day-a-week away from the world. it keeps me sane.

also, during the weeks of my thrifting LA trips, I come back pretty fuckin' drained. this isolation day is most definitely a recharge.

nope, I did not lay in bed all day watching netflix. I don't do netflix.

it was a full work day. photographing clothes, modeling clothes, folding clothes and putting them away. clothes, clothes, clothes!

yesterday I did 5 loads of laundry. picture that. only if you want to torture yourself. but not really. yes, 5 loads was a lot. CONFESSION: I LOVE the laundromat. the smell of clean clothes is my favorite smell ever! I am a triple Virgo! anything to do with cleanliness excites me way more than it should.

since it is the end of another year I decided to have a look into my personal closet and purge. makes today the beginning of my closet revival. that gets me way excited too!

plus, on the thrift LA trip I found a bunch of new stuff to keep for me. i've gotta sell some of my personal pieces to justify keeping the new stuff. thats called dealing with the devil. aka reasoning with myself.

funny, coz when I sat down to write this, I worried what I would write about. pretty sure this is my longest post yet.

after all the above tasks were completed I treated myself to a homemade dinner of cayenne roasted cornish hen and steamed asparagus. 

now capping it off with a smoke & soak.

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