doing some research on fashion trends. funny, back in the day I did this research mostly by looking at magazines. magazines i'd pick up at a magazine stand in West LA (right off of Pico). I could just stand there for hours, but I mostly went on my lunch break, which was a good thing, else i'd end up spending my entire check there.

those old glossies are no longer trendy. completely out of style. matter of fact, i'm sure most of those gorgeously produced zines have folded. brings tears to my eyes.

of all the fashion trends that have come and gone, the one I miss the most is fashion magazines. for years I held on tight to my collection. but after moving from place to place I only have a few left. le sigh.

feeling nostalgic for the era before social media ghettos took over the internet. no, an IG post is just not the same as holding one of these superbly produced relics in the hand. the weight and smell of the paper, endlessly staring at the latest Gemma Ward editorial. even the ads were something special and I despise being advertised to. but in those days i'd literally tear D&G, Roberto Cavalli and of course Balenciaga (when Nicholas Ghesquiere was creative director) ads from the magazines and tape them to my wall.

if I had it may way i'd bring the printed fashion magazine back. what say you? 


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