not today, but i'm here

still haven't hit the 30 day mark of blogging. hell, i've not even hit the 2 week mark (that will happen tomorrow). 

honestly, didn't feel like being here today. 

no particular reason. maybe coz i'm so used to taking space when I need it. scratch that, more like when I want it. I really don't need as much space as I think I do. but I want it and its a fairly easy thing for me to attain. low hanging fruit.

regardless of not wanting to be here today, I am here! woohoo. lemme pat myself on the back.

now i'm reminded why I started this blog in the first place. well, firstly, its simply to get into the practice of showing up - content wise. secondly, and this is even more important, is following through on my word. I made a promise to myself to blog everyday...regardless of whats happening around me. 

when someone else doesn't keep their promises it really rubs me the wrong way. maybe I get so pissed because there have been many a promise I've made to myself that I didn't end up keeping. 

ouch, the reality of that let down sets in.

i know its impossible to change another person. at this point in life I've no desire to change anyone but myself. the idea of trying to fix someone else exhausts me. i'm glad to be over that phase.

while it may be impossible to change another I know its very possible to change myself. contrary to popular belief I know changing the self is quite easy. we are mostly programmed to believe this task to be difficult but really its all about keeping your promise, to yourself! commit to the change and follow through one day at a time.

just like that! 

so glad I showed up today. will you show up for yourself?


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