February is Preloved Month! Celebrate by Taking the #PrelovedPledge 

Preloved Month is a global initiative to reduce textile waste in landfills. Founded in 2017, we're hoping to make a comeback in 2021. Read on to see why you should care!

Why should you care about textile waste? Take a look at the info graphic below. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the United States generates 25 billion pounds of textiles (including clothes, footwear, accessories etc.) annually. That's approximately 82 pounds a year per resident. Only 15% of which gets donated or recycled. Sadly, the remaining 85% (aka 21 BILLION pounds) ends up in landfills.


Do your part to preserve the planet, take the #PrelovedPledge

It's easy for you to make a difference. With your help we can achieve the Council for Textile Recycling's goal of "Zero by 2037". Take the #PrelovedPledge by following these three simple steps:

Preloved Month - #PrelovedPledge Badge

  1. Instead of trashing them, donate or recycle all your old, unused clothing and textiles throughout the year. Even the rattiest of rags can be donated or recycled.
  2. Commit to only purchasing second hand clothes during the month of February. If you’ve never shopped preloved before, we encourage you to visit your local thrift store, charity shop, vintage shop or other online outlets that specialize in selling second hand clothes. These places are treasure troves and you’ll be amazed at some of the things you will find.
  3. Let the world know you took the #PrelovedPledge. Download the badge and spread awareness about this initiative by posting it on your website, blog and social media accounts.

    Prelovely makes shopping second hand easy!

    To celebrate the inauguration of Preloved Month, Prelovely is offering a limited edition Bundle Box. Buy the box and fill it with 4 of your favorite items from prelovely.com for only $128.00.

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    10% of each Bundle Box sale will be donated to the Council for Textile Recycling so that even more awareness (and in turn action) can be raised around this unfortunate environmental issue.

    Prelovely Bundle Box - Preloved Month

    Bonus! How you can win a free Bundle Box (CLOSED)

    Show off your sustainable style. During the month of February, share as many preloved #OOTDs (on Instagram and Twitter) as you would like. Use the hashtags #PrelovedMonth and #PrelovedPledge in your posts. We'll be sharing your eco-conscious looks on our various social platforms - make sure to follow @prelovelystyle on Instagram and Twitter. The winner must be following us on those platforms to be eligible. This is a global giveaway. Where ever you are in the world, you have the opportunity to win. Yay!


    Lee, Prelovely and (most of all) our wondrous Earth thank you for participating in the inauguration of Preloved Month. We look forward to celebrating this global initiative with you every February!