celebrating a milestone

seven days ago I started this blog!! woohoo, lets pop the champagne.

celebrating a week old blog may seem over the top. really, I won't be popping any champagne tonight. but in my head the bubbly is a flowing!

I have commitment issues. not just in my creative life but in various aspects of life. sure, i've run Prelovely for eight years and thats most definitely an accomplishment. 

over the past eight years my life has been a rollercoaster. maybe one day i'll share some of my experiences in more detail. just know that running a business while living on a metaphorical rollercoaster makes being a solopreneur even more challenging.

the main challenge has been bringing my creative visions to life. i've had so many ideas that never saw the light of day. now i'm off the rollercoaster and my virgo feet are firmly planted on the ground. thats where they like to be. and being grounded means fertile soil to plant my creative seeds in.

this blog is the first seed I am planting and I must stop and acknowledge that I, the commitment-phobe, has stuck with writing everyday for an entire week!

I do feel proud and may I suggest that you celebrate your milestones too. no matter how seemingly petite they may be. in a world where we face endless roadblocks, all steps toward success should be acknowledged.

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