Prelovely is a testament that one can be stylish and sustainable

Mama Earth needs our help! Her waters are being littered with trash and her lands filled with waste. Here at Prelovely we’re doing our best to keep her clean. Read on to get further insight on our processes, values and vision.



A sustainable model

Did you know that buying second hand is the most sustainable form of shopping you can do? When you purchase preloved you keep that item out of the landfill and decrease demand for new products to be made. The constant and overproduction of new products not only pollutes the earth but strips her of vital resources.

Our business model is inherently sustainable. We do not produce new goods. Our inventory is sourced from thrift stores, charity shops, resale boutiques, vintage shops, flea markets and we occasionally buy from designer sample sales. Promoting the consumption of clothing and fashion accessories that would otherwise end up in the garbage.


Making a lovely package lovelier

In the world of fashion packaging is important. Not only is it used to delight the buyer at unboxing but we need it to keep merchandise clean and protected. Each of our items is individually wrapped. We reuse the clear, plastic bags used to wrap our product as many times as possible before recycling them. So far we’ve got up to 10 uses per 1 bag!


About the brands we curate

Since we are not manufacturers we cannot vouch for the practices of the brands we curate. As a matter of fact, we know several of them to be grave offenders of the environment. So why do we sell them?

Our primary focus is to keep perfectly usable items out of landfills.

Once a garment is already in existence our cause changes from stopping the production of it, to making the production of it useful, for as long as possible. For this reason we also sell garments made of fabrics that are anything but environmentally friendly, such as polyester.

We know making a change can be hard. By offering a diverse range of preloved brands and fabrications we hope to inspire a wider audience to become more conscious consumers.

Prelovely is a testament that one can be stylish and sustainable. Our vision is that buying preloved will become just as ordinary as buying at the mall or on high street.