youtube is so boring

as I feel about all social media. blah. boring. can we evolve already?

I started watching youtube way back in 2007. the platform was amazing at that time. no commercials every 10 seconds. easy to discover intriguing new content and creators. no shadow banning censorship or non-sensical propaganda being forced down your throat.

now that I think about it youtube was awesome back then coz it wasn't owned by google. 

big corporations playing proxy for the oversized government sure do know how to fuck something up and they have sure fucked up the internet.

years ago I killed my TV for this very reason. it got repetitive, boring, bogged down with dumb ass ads. no creativity.

yes, i am complaining. venting. tired of the same ole same ole.

now that I've got that off my chest I shift to solutions.

spend more time in the real world. it really is a gazillion times better. as entrancing as the scrye mirror black screens are designed to be, they can never replace the authentic, multi-sensory reality we wear our meat suits in.

thats my first and foremost suggestion. to myself and to you.

secondly, and this is mainly an invitation to myself, fix it. fix the boring, broken internet by creating that which I wish to consume.

of course you're welcome to fix it too. the more the merrier.

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