bah humbug

in my world christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year. it is, rather, a time of year that I wish would end as soon as I hear that dreaded holiday music raping my ears.

sorry to be the grinch, but let me explain. and no, i've no intent to drown in a bottle of whiskey, or hop off a building.

I was raised in a religious cult. this cult does not allow for the celebrating of any holidays or birthdays or anything "worldly" as they call it. as a child there are no memories of opening presents on christmas morning, carolling around the neighborhood, big family gatherings, etcetera, etcetera.

as an adult i've made an effort to make christmas matter. there were a few years when I bought a christmas tree, a real one! it smelled good and was fun to decorate but after doing it a few times (and throwing my ornaments away after one of my moves) I had no desire to do it again.

i'm not religious at all. I believe spirituality is something very personal and is not to be homogenized. furthermore I despise authority of all kinds and prefer to take the road less traveled in life. so what i'm saying is, I don't do things simply coz the rest of the world does them. so now i'm at the point where I just don't have any will to "celebrate" a holiday that has no meaning to me, just because mostly everyone else is doing it.

I also find it so funny how so much money and time and energy is spent year after year after year on this holiday. to me, these yearly traditions emphasize the loop of life society seems to be stuck in. literally following the same script every 365 days.

I just can't, Leilah Byrd is no script reader. she is the Creator and she does blaze her own path. I dare you to not only flip the script - rip it up, throw it in the fire and invite yourself to do something oh so different in 2023 and every year to come.

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