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a few years back my eldest sibling gifted me with a gorgeous set of tarot cards.

thanks bro.

i've created a monthly ritual by pulling at least one card every month. as a theme, a reminder, a lesson...

in december two cards popped out the deck!

severn of swords and the hierophant.

i'm no tarot expert and what I love about tarot is I don't have to be! a picture really is worth 1000 words.

before looking up the meaning of the card, I study the image of each card. what is the message being conveyed?

I know the seven of swords is about trickery, deceit. on this card the fox trots forward while looking back. looking back at the hierophant, which is all about tradition, doing things the same old way.

my interpretation of this months cards is that its time for me to break out of my own personal traditions. stop perpetuating the same old patterns which lead me into a looping path. 

this fox on the seven of swords is looking back with curiosity and a bit of disdain. there is much to be learnt from the past but also keeping my head turned back may lead me to stepping on a sword instead of picking it up and wielding its power.

looking for a tarot expert? I recommend Scorched Earth who is my all time fave!

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