Darlings of Depop: Eliza Likes Clothes Shares Sublime Secondhand Style

Darlings of Depop: Eliza Likes Clothes Shares Sublime Secondhand Style

You're totally getting into this second hand style thing. Congrats, you're making the earth a cleaner place and look smashing while doing so. But woah, you've got an epic night on the calendar. You can't find what you're looking for on Prelovely. (Boo, we don't have it all.) You've even thumbed through endless listings on some other posh, preloved sites. Nada. That glimmering-pastel-pink-slip-dress of your dreams still eludes you.

Now, now. No need to get frantic. Allow me to introduce you to Eliza. This Daring of Depop likes clothes and probably has just the dress you're looking for. Depop? Oh, you're not familiar. Its only the most major second hand marketplace in the UK. Lucky for you, its not strictly a British thing. Depop is open to the world. 

But, wait! Before getting lost on Depop's wide open, second hand sea, let me navigate you to an island of gems. This weekly series, Darlings of Depop, features interviews with curators of the most colorful shops on the site.

All aboard! We're off to Elizaland...

Prelovely - Eliza Likes Clothes in Vintage Pink Sequin Slip Dress

How/when did you start thrifting?

I’ve been a thrift store obsessive for a long time now. I think it all stemmed from living on a student budget but forever wanting new outfits for Friday night. I studied theatre in Leeds so I’d run to the end of town in between workshops and frantically search the charity shops until I had some new sparkles to wear that evening. That’s where it all began and I’ve shopped off the high street ever since. Once you get the knack for thrifting it becomes your normal shopping routine. I love the chance element of it. You never know what will be there but it’s so exciting when you find a velvet two-piece or Ghost silk dress. For a fashion lover it’s literally like finding gold dust.



How would you describe your style?

It’s street style with some sequins thrown in for good measure. I don’t think you ever have to just stick to just one look. I dress to suit my mood. I love to contrast casual pieces with something quite chic, like wearing Nike classics with a Parisian mini dress or fishnet tights with tennis socks and Docs. A lot of velvet goes on and I’m a sucker for a slip dress and an oversized sweater.

Your favorite designer/era for clothing?

My friends would probably say I dress like an extra from Clueless… I grew up listening to Wannabe with Baby Spice’s haircut so I’m a true 90s girl. The shapes of 90s dresses and tops really suit my figure. I’m quite petite so spaghetti straps and high necklines work for me.

I love checking out all the upcoming designers, they always feel super current and fresh. I think every time I go on Instagram I fall in love with a new collection. Ida Klamborn is my style crush of the week, the dresses are the things of dreams and the insta feed is impeccably cool. Discount Universe will always be a favourite because we share a mutual appreciation for sparkly things! I also regularly consider how great my outfits would look if I owned a Moschino mini backpack… I thought the Chanel Spring 2017 Couture Show was stunning and if I had the occasion to wear that many pink feathers then I would.

Prelovely | Eliza Likes Clothes in vintage sequin mini dress

Some expert tips on thriting?

If you go out thrifting in charity shops have persistence! The outfits are always there but you’ve got to be willing to rummage and it often takes going to a few stores to get a good haul.

Keep an eye out for sales. Just like regular stores charity shops do amazing sales where you can grab amazing bargains. Sue Ryder often has buy one get one free sales.

Google vintage kilo sales – these are a fab way to bulk buy second hand style. Judy’s affordable vintage fair is one to check out.

Depop, Depop, Depop. It’s probably the coolest marketplace I know.  

Random fact about yourself?

Some of the best thrift shopping I’ve ever done was in Australia where I lived for a year studying acting and sculpture.

Prelovely | Eliza Likes Clothes shows off her second hand British street style

What does sustainable fashion means to you?

Aside from helping reduce clothing waste, I think sustainable fashion encourages personal style and creativity. Shopping second hand guarantees you an outfit that is totally unique. If you want to avoid arriving at a party in the same outfit as the girl next door to you, then steer away from the high street and start shopping second hand - there’s endless outfit possibilities out there.

Please tell us where to find you around the web?

Shop my style at Depop @elizaholly
Follow my style on Instagram @elizalikesclothes
www.elizalikesclothes.com is launching soon and will be full of sublime thrift store style!


So chic. So sparkly. We couldn't think of a better gal to kick off this series. Big thanks to Darling, Eliza. Be sure to check her out online. Do come back next week to see where this stylish, second hand adventure is off to.

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