Darlings of Depop: Fiona's Changing the World in Layers of  Vintage 90s Garms

Darlings of Depop: Fiona's Changing the World in Layers of Vintage 90s Garms

Usually when you ask a fashion student who their favorite designer is you'll get a typical answer. Like, uh, Alexander McQueen. No knocks on his greatness, he'll always be one of the elites. However, this week's Darling of Depop is not your typical woman. You can see that upon first glance.

Fiona's eye-catching, British style pops amongst the safe zone of normcore. Apparently, she's got every look mastered. From 70s boho babe to subtle, rocker chic. And I don't think there's a pair of sunnies that don't perfectly frame her face!

But, as you'll read, its not all about vanity with this extraordinary being. She has a true passion for reforming our planet through fashion. That's definitely something I stand behind.

Lets get into the interview so you can find out more about this lovely lady...

How/when did you start thrifting?

My name is Fifi and I am the owner and founder of ‘Fifi’s Closet’ on Depop!

I've been a thrifter for longer than I can remember. There's something about finding that vintage gem in your local second hand shop or those funky hand picked pieces that are completely unique that just hits the spot! I started thrifting because I realised that I could usually get more for my money whilst giving back to smaller businesses and creatives. With the constant uprise of different apps such as Depop, online shops and organisations that support and push sustainable ethics it’s now easy to find your perfect piece whilst doing your bit for the planet.

Prelovely | Fiona in yellow pants
Prelovely | Fiona in vintage blue beret



 How would you describe your style?

I like bright, colourful and easy to wear pieces. I rework and upcycle clothing a lot, mixing and matching different materials to create different looks. I find that my style is constantly evolving, thrifting gives me the confidence to try new and exciting shapes and textures. Since it’s totally freezing in the UK at the moment I’ve been working with different layers of colours and patterns. I use the Depop explore page as one source of inspiration. I also follow my favourite fashion bloggers who usually have something funky up for grabs! 

Your favorite designer/era for clothing?

I love the positive influence young designers and smaller businesses are having on the industry, it's important that we support each other and create a community where the designer and the consumer feel comfortable to grow and share their values. At the moment I’m totally digging a mixture of different 90’s vibes! I find the best inspiration comes from your friends, the best bit about wearing something cool is sharing it with the world!

Prelovely | Fiona shows off colorful vintage 90s layers

Some expert tips on thriting?

One great tip for my fellow thrifters? Look in the places you would never expect, these places usually have the most amazing finds and they will probably have an even better price tag. For online thrifting especially when on Depop, remember that there is nothing wrong with a little bargaining. Message the seller and see if they will lower the price and you will usually snatch a deal! 

Random fact about yourself?

A random fact that you may not know about me is that I currently study Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts in London. At the moment I am working towards my very first fashion show that will take place in April 2017!

Prelovely | Fiona wearing vintage plaid pants and kimono

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Sustainable fashion to me means unity, coming together to create a difference with the power we have as consumers and sellers! I believe sustainable fashion is something we can all take part in, together we can change the world! As conscious consumers we can share the wonderful world of thrifting with the people we love through social media! Take the #prelovedpledge this month and move a step closer to a healthier, happier planet.

Please tell us where to find you around the web?

Depop: @fionashort 
Instagram: @weirdmodelface 


Told you. She rocks! Thanks so much Fifi for sharing with all of us just how easy it is to effect change in our world. And thanks for joining in on the inaugural celebration of Preloved Month, honored to have you behind this cause. Lovelies, be sure to check out her Depop shop and do follow her on IG for more sustainable style inspiration.

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