lack of vision

a few days ago I made a commitment to tweak my daily routine. starting with how I start the day.

after the first opening of my eyes i close them, continue to lay in bed and imagine my future self. a visual meditation of who I want to be.

the time allotted to this task is a meager five minutes. i'm extra embarrassed to tell ya, i'm having a hard time visualizing the future me.

sound the alarm!
who am I?

i've always seen and described myself as creative. as the thought comes into my mind, I think: "visionary and creativity are not exactly synonymous."

or perhaps only to a degree.

recognizing what you're not is just as important as recognizing what you are. 

ok, so i'm not a visionary. I accept that. it only means the future version of me is,
Leilah, The Visionary.



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